How I see my job

After obtaining my biochemistry degree, I joined a master’s degree in nutrition. I would like to find a job that would allow me to combine those two skills: science and dietetic. I am interested in several areas. I aim more towards food industry than therapeutic. A position on scientific communication would also interest me or a job in public health. The important thing is I like my job and I help in my own way to improve the diet.

role of a nutritionist – assignment for the unit 2

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1° In what context do you would to work?

I would like to work in food industries, but not all of them. Ideally, in small one and with good ethic. Industry who wants to change habits for a better alimentation, not industries who add sugar and saturated fat into their products. For job tasks I do not have a precise idea. I love research and development, also quality and food safety or nutrition and communicate about it. Sometimes in small enterprise you do not have to choose just one mission, but you have to be polyvalent, and I would like something like it.

2° Discuss five competencies and their importance to your professional practice.

cf the chart below

3° Identify examples of behaviour/ required for each of your five competencies. Be specific within your context and practice.

cf the chart below


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Is eating healthy food going to cost me more money?

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In France, eating healthy is not inevitably more expensive. It can be if we buy processed products or with certain labels such as organic food. However, if we buy raw products, least processed and we cook it, it returns cheaper. Yes, it takes more time than just buy it and consume it but, by preparing our dishes, we know what there is inside and we have the satisfaction to have made it yourself.

Unfortunately, it is not possible everywhere. For example, in the United States fruits and fresh vegetables are clearly more expensive that processed and unhealthy products.

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Healthy snack – little boy

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First picture: the child eats too much unhealthy snacks, with a lot of sugar in it.

2nd picture: As a consequence, he has to go to the dentist, he may have a dental cavity to treat.

3rd picture: He changed his habits. Now he snacks healthily, with a lower rate of sugar. He replaces candies with an apple.

4th picture: Nowadays, the little boy is in good health, he can play with friends in the garden rather than going to the dentist. As the saying goes: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

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Description questions

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Which three words describe you best?

Honest, organized, curious.


Who was your role model when you were a child?

I don’t remember, maybe a ballerina because like a lot of little girls I wanted to be one of them, when I was a child.


What was your favourite subject at school?

Chemistry with no hesitation. I also enjoyed history, but chemistry stay on top 1.


What would be your perfect job?

I don’t have any perfect job. For me, I don’t want only one job all my life. I want to continue to work on the same topic (here nutrition) but I want to change the job.


Who is the most inspirational person to you?


Which would you prefer — three wishes over five years or one wish right now?

The choice is simple for me: I choose 3 wishes over 5 years because you just have to wait, and you have three time more wishes.


Where would you like to be in five years time?

Where… maybe here in Paris, maybe not. The place doesn’t mean something for me but more the person you are with and what you do every day. Just I know I want to be working, in five years I expect so.


Which skill would you love to learn?

Time travel is it a good answer? Because, like I said before I love history and with time travel, you don’t have to learn it by books anymore, but you could see it through your own eyes.


Which animal would you choose to be?

Maybe a mouse. I like rodent, they are kind, clever and they show agility.


What fruit or vegetable would you be?

Raspberry only because it’s my favourite fruit.

Food pyramid

What are the main differences between each group in the Food Pyramid?

The main differences are the origin of the product (if it is animals or plants-based), and the components. I mean if they are made of protein, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, fat and sugar.


Why are cereals, fruits and vegetables at the bottom of the pyramid?

They are at the bottom because they are very important for our bodies. We need more vegetables and cereals than dairies, meat or fats and sweets products. They are a good source of energy without bringing fat or useless calories. They are also full of vitamins and fibers.


What food do you eat everyday and which food groups do they belong to?

In the morning I eat muesli with oat and plant-based milk and a cup of tea. So, the main group is cereal for my breakfast.

Lunch and dinner are the same. Ma plate is divided in 3 parts: 1 for protein, sometimes meats or eggs sometimes not but beans instead. The 2nd part is vegetable and the third one is starchy food. I rarely eat a dessert (if a take one it could be a dairy product). But if a drink a tea after lunch for example, sometimes I take a piece of dark chocolate with it.

For tea time I mostly eat a compote (mashed fruit) with sweet biscuits. The main group here is fruit group and sweets group.

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